Give Them the Best

Professional In-Your-Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking in Columbia, Lexington, Irmo SC and Ogden, Roy, Layton UT

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Because ...

they know how to make us smile.

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Because ...

of their unconditional love.

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Because ...

they are an important part of your family.

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Pet Sitting

Your pets are loyal, loving, amazing confidants, and important members of your family, so give them the best. Our professional pet sitters provide plenty of love and affection while you're away. Pets are happier in their own environment, and as a kennel alternative, we provide pet sitting in: Columbia, SC; Lexington, SC; and Irmo, SC; and Ogden, UT; Roy, UT; and Layton, UT. Your pet's routine stays the same, and our services are customizable to meet your pet's requirements.

Dog Walking

As an alternative to a doggy daycare or boarding facility, our dog walking service provides one-on-one attention and exercise at your home. Perfect for people who can't walk their own dogs, or dogs that need to spend a little more time outside.

Regular exercise will help ensure physical and mental health, and is especially helpful for dogs that have the tendency to be hyperactive.

Lunch Xpress

Our Lunch Xpress service is a 20 - 30 minute visit to provide fresh water, food, and a potty break. Provided 10 am - 2 pm, Monday through Friday with frequency discounts. Perfect for puppies, elderly pets, or dogs that can't make it all day without a break.

Discounts are provided for clients who book more than two times per week.


New and existing clients can make reservations with our online reservation system. Alternatively, South Carolina clients can call (803) 239-8719 and Utah clients can call (801) 499-7276.

New clients will receive a free in-home consultation to help us become acquainted with your pets and their routine.

There are many circumstances that bring new people into our lives, and I will say with certainty that the folks from AHPC are my new friends for life. You are wonderful people with good values and have an amazing warmth towards animals and humans. L.D.