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  1. Jennifer says:

    Please help! My two pitbulls were stolen from my backyard. My dogs are my babies and I miss them terribly.  I discovered them missing Thursday.  Prior to them being taken the neighbor had individuals working in his backyard.  Our yard is fenced and manolo and Mystri would have no way of escaping other than being physically removed.  We filed a report but said have to wait 3 to 5 days and that’s too long to wait in my opinion. 

    We questioned the neighbor and he kept his head down the whole time and would not make eye contact.  We have lived in our home for 3 years with out incident until now.  I know that the abilities of tracking dogs have played an important role in solving many cases and I am hoping that I can find someone who will allow their dogs in helping us make our family whole again. 

    Please help me find my babies and bring them back home. Thank you for your time and I will appreciate any help you can provide. 

    Jennifer boles Smith


    1704 Ripplerock Road

    Columbia, SC 29210

  2. roman szaraburak says:

    Lost my dog in lugoff around 11 Nov. Do you only work in Columbia? I live in Florida and am back in lugoff visiting my daughter and looking for my dog. 850 803 9585

  3. Susan Moore says:

    I found an old large black female mix at the traffic circle of Nazareth and Longs Pond in Red Bank. She is not microchipped but seems well trained. Would love to reunite her with her family.

  4. P. Davis says:

    7-28-16, Found Blue and Gold Macaw. Found in West Columbia.
    This bird has been outside for a week screaming. He/she is safe and
    well fed and seems glad to be rescued. Please email if this may be your pet. Have not read it’s leg bank yet. Have also alerted Sunset Animal Clinic that we have this pet.