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Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in the Ogden, UT area.
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I have been a client of Away Home & Pet Care for nearly two years. They are life savers and I don’t know how I could own a dog without their help. I particularly appreciate their flexibility and willingness to adapt to my ever-changing schedule, as well as the goofy pictures i get from my dog’s daily walks.

Shaun, Client, Dog Walking Ogden Utah

Our pet sitters and dog walkers in Ogden, UT provide peace of mind for you and loving companionship for your furry family members. Here’s a little snapshot into who we are. 

Over 10 years ago, Away Home & Pet Care began as a family owned and operated pet sitting and dog walking business. Our journey isn’t unique, but our outlook on handling the difficulties we faced and what we did to overcome them are.

We started our pet sitting and dog walking business when we encountered a problem when our dogs became sick after spending a few nights in a local dog kennel. As most pet owners agree, we didn’t want this situation to be repeated. We searched for a solution but didn’t find a match that suited our needs.

We researched other pet sitting companies but didn’t find a model that matched what we were looking to achieve. Hitting a closed doggy door, we regathered our pack and began again. We knew what we were looking for and believed there were other pet owners who desired the same. We used our knowledge of dogs, cats, horses and reptiles and applied a creative twist.

Finally, with pet treats in hand, we started a kennel/boarding alternative and dog walking service that was as unique as we are – a pet sitting service that is professional, dependable, trustworthy, flexible, caring and safe. Away Home & Pet Care was born.

We currently have dog walkers and pet sitters in Ogden, Utah and the metropolitan region, including South Ogden, Roy, Clearfield, West Haven, Clinton and Layton.

If you’ve never used a professional Ogden pet sitter before, we believe once you make the switch in care for your beloved fury family members, you’ll never return to kennel or boarding facility. We have been in your shoes and we understand the difficulties in finding the right care for your pets while you’re away. As with childcare, our staff are required to submit to a thorough background investigation, regular training to include safety reviews, pet first aid and animal behavior. This training ensures that we are providing our clients with expert care for their pets. In addition, the pet sitters and dog walkers hire are animal lovers who are enthusiastic about caring for your pets.

We understand it can be very hard to leave behind your fury family member while you are working long hours or traveling far away. The idea of moving your pet, their bed, food, toys and other essentials to a foreign location, with new smells, usually of other pets they don’t know, can have a traumatizing effect on some animals, not to mention the illnesses they can catch. By keeping your pet at home within their own environment where they feel comfortable and safe is by far a better option. The window they love to watch squirrels through, that familiar sofa they love to sit on, the throw rug they use as a back scratcher are all comforts for them and should be for you. Your home is designed in a way that is welcoming to your beloved pet to keep them happy and thriving. This is turn minimizes their stress, and yours.

Some of the perks to using our Ogden pet sitting and Ogden dog walking service include:

  1. Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  2. We administer medications, including subcutaneous IV fluids.
  3. Schedule online and make payments at your convenience through our customer portal.
  4. Free text/email/mobile updates with pictures after each visit.
  5. View your personal visit log in our online customer portal or on our convenient mobile app.
  6. Backup pet sitters and dog walkers in case your primary has an emergency. We’ll never leave you high and dry.
  7. We match sitter to pet creating a reliable relationship between you and our staff, and you’ll usually have the same pet sitter.
  8. Our software immediately notifies the office if a sitter is late to a visit, ensuring visits are NEVER missed.

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Ogden, Roy, Clearfield, Hooper, Willard, Syracuse, Layton, Kaysville, West Haven, South Ogden

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