Creating a dog-friendly backyard isn’t technically that difficult, but it does take a bit of planning. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you want a safe, secure and fun outdoor space for your pet.


A fence is essential for any dog-friendly yard. The fence that you install should be tall enough that it cannot be jumped by your dog or anything else that might want to get into your yard, and it should also be smooth enough to discourage climbing. A smooth material, such as plywood, is usually enough to do the trick. Of course, any holes or other openings that could serve as a way in or out of the yard should be repaired as soon as you spot them.

Artificial Grass

If you don’t have much grass in your yard but want to give your dog a clean and comfortable outdoor surface to play on, consider installing artificial grass or turf. Artificial turf has hypoallergenic qualities, which makes it dog-friendly. It can also reduce unpleasant odors, and it serves as a good deterrent to dogs that like to dig holes.

Water Features

Your dog will need a reliable source of water to drink in your backyard. While you can sometimes get away with having a water dish in an easy-to-reach area, you might be better off installing a permanent water feature, such as a fountain or small pond that is easy for your dog to access on hot days.

The Right Plants

Finally, you need to have the right kinds of plants in your yard if you want your dog to be happy and healthy. Try to include plants that repel fleas, such as lavender, mint and rosemary. Avoid plants that can be toxic to dogs, such as lily of the valley, foxglove and iris. When it comes time to fertilize your plants, always use organic fertilizers as many chemical products can be harmful to pets. Also, don’t get too upset if you notice brown spots on your lawn and plants that are caused by doggy urine. These spots can be reseeded without much trouble. If you really want to avoid this issue, try landscaping with urine-resistant plants, such as the Japanese spindle tree or Burkwood Osmanthus.

Having a dog means maintaining a safe and fun environment in your yard for your pet. Keep these tips in mind and remember to keep up with your landscaping for your own sake and your dog’s.
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