As a pet owner, you should be wary if you keep them in a kennel. And for good reason. They are susceptible to some canine illnesses that could threaten their well-being. Let’s be honest; in today’s world, there are other options available other than placing your pets in a kennel.

Hiring a professional pet sitter who will see to it that your loved four-legged friends are in impeccable care can help keep contagious diseases at bay. Without much ado, here is some information about kennel cough. Read on and thank us later.

Sick dog

Hiring a professional pet sitter can help keep contagious diseases at bay.

Kennel cough is perhaps one of the most reported diseases among dogs kept in kennels. In principle, kennel cough is a general term loosely used to refer to a raft of devastating respiratory infections that cause insurmountable pain and inflammation of a pet’s windpipe or voice box. More often than not, these infections are either bacterial or viral, with bronchitis being the primary culprit. Here, think in the line of chest cold in people. The bad news is that a kennel cough is highly contagious and be transferred to other pets through air, cough spews, and general contact.


Right off the bat, keeping your pet in a kennel is the leading cause of a kennel cough. This infectious disease can also be transferred through agents in the air. Pets kept in enclosed spaces with irregular air circulations – like an animal – are also prone to a kennel cough. It can also be spread through direct contact with other dogs, shared objects, and so forth.


When infected with a kennel cough, a pet will likely appear normal except for a cough. The pet will experience a spell of a dry cough with a honking sound. On the extreme, the dog will cough up white foamy phlegm. Also, the pet will exhibit signs of gagging, fever or even nasal discharge.


Vaccinations are available for myriad cases of a kennel cough, but hiring a professional pet sitter will certainly keep the disease at bay.

in today’s world, kennels are not your only option for pet boarding.

Kennels are not your only option for boarding your pets. While it is sometimes prudent to procure the services of a kennel or boarding facility, professional pet sitters can help ensure your pets will not be exposed to contagious diseases. Since your pets stay in the comfort of their own home, they will not be around other animals that could potentially cause harm to your pet’s well-being.


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