Moving can be a stressful experience for everyone, including your furry friends. You’ll want to consider your pet’s safety and happiness when you’re planning a big move. Luckily, there’s some steps you can take to make sure everyone gets settled in. We’ve put together a quick guide to help.

Pet Sitting Can Be Beneficial

Pets can sense anxiety and excitement which you’re most like to have while you’re moving. A pet sitter can help when you’re packing boxes by playing with your pet in another room or taking them for walks. You can find a trusted sitter in your area with simple research.

Hints and Things explains that it’s important to meet your sitter beforehand to see if they’re a good fit for your dog or cat. Sitters charge differently but can be priceless during your move. Ask them for recommendations for other sitters that are in your new neighborhood.

Prepare a Travel Kit

Think of packing luggage for your pet while you’re packing for your family. Keep some toys on hand to distract your pet during the move. All Storage Online explains that you might want to visit the vet prior to the moving process to get any of your pet’s medications refilled.

If you’re going on a long trip, keep leashes and other necessities nearby for pit stops. You may want to look into pet friendly rest stops with plenty of places for them to walk and play. Make sure to pack lots of treats for training and pleasure.

Introduce the Area

If you’re moving close by, you may need to take some time to bring your pet around the neighborhood to find new smells and get them used to the area. Cesar’s Way explains, see if you can find out if there are other pets nearby and try to get your dog or cat together with new friends at a neutral location.

Pets, especially dogs, will communicate their discomfort with sounds and body language. If you have a long way to your place, keep a bed or blanket with the scents of your former location to comfort them during the ride. The familiar smell of your old home should get them adjusted.

It’s important to consider your pets as family and help them transition during the move. There are a lot of new sights to see and with the right process, you can enjoy this experience along with them.