As one of the most active pet sitting and dog walking companies located in Ogden, Utah, Away Home & Pet Care cares very much about the pets of Ogden. We believe in being a responsible pet owner, and whether you’re a new comer to Ogden, UT or been here all your life, it’s important to keep in the know regarding Ogden’s pet ordinances. A full copy of the ordinances can be found here under Title 13.

For more information, contact the City of Ogden at 801-629-8000.

Reading through the ordinances can be tedious, so we’d like to call our a few of the more popular sections.

Licensing Required

All dogs, cats, residential chickens and ferrets over the age of 6 months must be licensed annually.

3 year and lifetime licenses are also available, and you should check with the City of Ogden for additional information regarding requirements.

Spaying and Neutering Required

Spaying and neutering of dogs, cats or ferrets over the age of 6 months is required, unless the owner possesses a valid unaltered pet license for the animal. The license fee for an unaltered pet is 5 times the amount of a standard license, so it literally pays to gets your pets spayed or neutered.

Number of Animals is Restricted

Dogs: The City of Ogden allows a limit of 2 dogs over the age of 6 months old. There are a few exceptions to this:

  1. Three dogs are allowed if one or more dogs is deployed to an active duty military member, or is a government law enforcement of military service dog.
  2. There dogs allowed if one or more dogs is a qualified service dog in according with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Cats: Ogden allows a total of 6 cats over the age of 6 months, unless the owner also possesses dogs. For each dog owned, the number of allowable cats is reduced by one. For example, an owner may have 2 dogs and 4 cats, or 1 dog and 5 cats.

Ferrets: Ogden allows no more than 2 ferrets over the age of six months old.

Chickens: A person may keep up to 6 residential chickens, as long as the owner is in compliance with section 15-13-41.

Rabies Inoculations Required

No licensed will be issued to any dog or cat 4 months of age or over, or any ferret 3 months of age or over which has not be vaccinated. The owner must provide written proof of the vaccination at the time of license application.

ID Tags Required

All dogs, ferrets and cats are required to wear city-issued identification tags at all times, except when participating in a dog or cat show, or during training.

Ferrets Required To Be Microchipped

Licensed ferrets are required to be microchipped in the neck or shoulder area with a number issued or registered by the City of Ogden.

Senior Discounts Available for Licensing Fees

Persons 60 years of age or older qualify for a discount against the licensing fees.

Leashes Are Required

Ogden prohibits animals from running at large. Leashes are required unless the animal is on the private property of the owner and within sign of the owners.

Unprotected Dogs In Back of Pickup Trucks Prohibited

Animals in a vehicle are required to be safely enclosed within the vehicle, or protected by a shell, container or cage the will prevent the animal from being thrown for jumping from the vehicle.