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Great for puppies and people who work long hours away from home.
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This is such a fantastic and professional service! My husband and I were out of town for a week. Our dogs were staying with elderly relative. Robert came daily and walked our dogs. By day 3, the dogs started getting very excited in anticipation of their time with Robert. I especially loved the daily report card, updates and pictures of their time together. Robert loves animals and it shows!

I’m so glad I had access to Away Home & Pet Care. I’ll definitely be making arrangements again.


Dog Walking Client, Ogden Utah

Our dog walking service in Ogden, UT is different from the run of the mill dog walking service. We promise a quality experience for your pet that is as close as possible to what you would provide for your pet if you were the one doing the walking. We allow plenty of time for stops and petting so that your dog becomes friendly with his dog walker and the pair develop a relationship of trust. The pace will also be determined by your pooch. This means an older or out of shape dog will not be overly taxed and a fit dog won’t be bored.

As an added bonus, we’ll teach your dog good walking habits (like how to heel and stop on command) while walking. This means when you are able to begin walking your dog on your own, the experience will be easier and more memorable for both of you. At the end of each visit we’ll even refresh your pet’s water and food supply and send you a report card with pictures via text, email and our app.

To keep your dogs safe, your dog will wear a GPS tracker for the duration of their walks. Though we’ve never had to rely on the tracker, we can never be too careful.

The majority of the dogs we walk have owners that work long hours, or are unable to physically walk their dogs. Our daily dog walking service is by far the most popular, and most clients choose 3 – 5 visits per week. We all know that daily exercise is important for humans, but it’s equally important for our canine friends. Hyper dogs can really benefit from daily dog walking and this by far one of the easiest ways to help them calm down. Walking provides your dog a way to burn off that pent-up energy and they’ll even be less likely to get into things they shouldn’t while alone in your home.

Our dog walking services are available in the following locations:

Utah: Ogden, Roy, Clearfield, Layton, and West Haven.


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Ogden, Roy, Clearfield, Hooper, Willard, Syracuse, Layton, Kaysville, West Haven, South Ogden

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