We’ve learned a lot over the past 15 years of being in business. When Away Home & Pet Care first started a pet sitting and dog walking business in Columbia, SC, schedules were maintained on a paper calendar. Literally, a paper calendar. It didn’t take long before we realized there’s no way we can continue using a paper calendar to keep track of all our visits. A few months after being in business I clearly remember the day when we had over 20 visits scheduled in one day. At that time, I thought that was a lot! Then we expanded to Ogden, UT and we knew we have to quickly find a solution to keep us from losing our minds!

With over 500 pet sitting and dog walking clients, you might be wondering “How can I be certain my Away Home & Pet Care pet sitter is going to show up when they’re supposed to?”. Let’s face it – if you hire the next door neighbor or ask a family member for help, how can you be absolutely certain they show up to take care of your furry family members?

Well now you no longer have to wonder. We’re going to give you a behind the scenes look out our scheduling system so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet sitter or dog walker will indeed show up on time, every time.

Scheduling Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

When you become a client of Away Home & Pet Care, a personalized client profile is set up in our online scheduling software. When you need to schedule a pet sitter or dog walker, you simply log into your profile, click “schedule” and request the services needed. This is what you see when you login to schedule your pet sitter or dog walker.

After you press “Submit Request”, our office is notified immediately that you have scheduled a pet sitter or dog walker. Our office will double check the sitter’s availability and assign a back up if necessary. Your sitter is notified of the schedule request and our software automatically routes visits according to location.

Pet Sitters Log Each Visit

Our sitters use an app on their phone while they are on duty to check in and out of their visits. Once they arrive at your home, they press “start timer” and our software begins tracking their location via GPS.

If the pet sitter does not check into their scheduled location within 30 minutes of the scheduled time, our office gets a slew of notifications alerting us to a problem. We get alerts in our software. We get alerts on our phones. We get alerts via text message.  We get alerts via email. Shew! That’s a lot of alerts, but this is how we guarantee your pet sitter will show up when they’re supposed to.

GPS Tracking of Your Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

We also have the ability to check the GPS tracking of a sitter and determine their location when they check in and out of a visit. If you hire one of our dog walkers, our management team knows where your dog was walked and how long they were walked. The picture below shows you what our GPS tracking looks like.


Dog Walker GPS Tracking

So as you can see, we take the safety of your pets very seriously. We know leaving your pets in the care of a pet sitter can be stressful for you, especially if you’ve never used a pet sitter from Away Home & Pet Care. Our company invests heavily in processes and scheduling software to ensure your pet sitter or dog walker shows up when they’re supposed to. If they don’t, our office knows about it right away then we can determine how best to handle the situation.

When you hire a pet sitter or dog walker from Away Home & Pet Care, you’re not just hiring someone to take care of Fido while you’re gone – you’re getting the peace of mind that goes along with knowing that you’re hiring a TEAM of people who care deeply about your pets. You get the peace of mind knowing you’ve hired a company who takes their job seriously, and invests in the proper technology to ensure your pet’s safety.

If you’re not already a client of the absolute best pet sitting dog walking company in Columbia, SC and Ogden, UT, let’s get started. Our team would love to chat with you more about how we can give you peace of mind when you leave town, and how your pets will have the most incredible experience while you’re gone.


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